7 Ways IoT will transform businesses in 2017

We have been discussing Internet of Things (IoT) in our workplaces since quite sometime now and it has become an exceedingly favorite topic of conversation across industries.

A quick elucidation of IoT – It is the concept of connecting any device, which is internet-enabled, to transfer data and network without any supervision. With IoT coming into shape, it will surely create a wave of change in transforming the way companies operate, consequently bringing change in households. Here are 7 ways IoT will transform our lives:

Data is the winner

Smart devises and various digital analytic tools have made it possible to analyse data in a proficient way. The analysis can help us with building strong marketing campaigns, health recommendations, predictive maintenance, connected cars and homes, smart cities, smart retail and agriculture and much more. The reach of proficiently analysed data is ceaseless.

Healthcare and Networking

IoT enables the users to connect with the world remotely. It is most beneficial for working professionals as the IoT offers wireless technology pairing and can operate seamlessly across various devices. Similarly, doctors can be consulted through video-conferencing and share case history before a patient is admitted in the emergency room. By analysing data, IoT can help in suggesting better precautions and self-monitoring through better wearable health and fitness devices.

Enhanced retail experience

With better data collection, retail industry has an enormous opportunity to enhance their customer’s experience – online and offline. The retailers as well as the e-commerce websites can easily track the customer behaviour and renovate their collection as per the consumer feedback and experience, which will further help in boosting sales.

Better Resource management

The advanced technology will open new avenues for every industry, enabling them to improve their operational and functional areas. It will be easier for the companies to act upon the sales and marketing decisions that would lead to superior decision-making in the manufacturing and supply chain of the companies. IoT can also provide real-time data, thus allowing companies to utilise their resources much efficiently.

Better cities & transportation

By using IoT, we can improve our cities and transportation. We can study the traffic patterns and reroute the congestion accordingly that will also help in lowering the pollution levels. This can also lower the groundwork and can manage the traffic personnel in a better way.

Better technology

Adoption of “smar-grid” technologies will allow the manufacturers to reducing wastage and consumption of natural resources. It can also enhance the efficacy of  energy production and emission by shifting to renewable resources.


With the entry of IoT, farmers are being able to connect with the distributors who are providing benefits and right cost of their yield. Farmers are also using meaningful insights from the data to yield better return on investment. They can prepare themselves for any adversity or learn about new equipment and offers provided by the government.

IoT allows us to connect with the world on a much wider scale. With IoT, we can provide support to the developing countries and give them a better world to live in. we can better the cities we live in by improving the security system, transportation and communication and be more connected.


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