A Brick By Brick Digital Marketing Guide

Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” – Jonah Sachs

Do you know that 90% of the start-up companies fail only because of one reason- IGNORANCE! Let us focus on the 10% who do it right, and what makes them successful.

The key to a successful business lies in the effectiveness of your data collection and keyword analysis, in addition to your proximity to reality market and customer behavior. Contemporary digital tools come with all encompassing marketing features that provide real-time insights into consumer behavior, supply and demand and other technical aspects of marketing. Heavily influenced by the online marketing and the need to reach every device connected or offline, we bring you best digital tools and services for the “Unicorn” companies as well as hot-bedded marketing giants.

Here’s a quick review on different campaign-based tools for every digital marketing strategy.

For market analysis

Information is the king, and analyzing it makes you the king-maker, isn’t it!

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”
Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen

The power of data can be extracted only when you have a robust analytics tool to measure your KPIs. Everything is BIG and connected to it, and to push business goals you must have your own internal information breakdown channels.

Skim through our list of top go-to market analytics tools.


  • Google Analytics


Google analytics with the help of a snippet tracks the details of the users who visit the client’s page. The details such as age, sex, location and other permitted user details collected are useful in finding out the users to be focused on and the impact a product/ service would create. It is a free web analytics tool that can also be paid and upgraded for complex premium services.


  • CrazyEgg


The tool provides information what exactly each user does on your website. With the information obtained, the companies can analyze which product or service the user is interested in by monitoring the most clicked link on the site, the location which requires more focus by knowing where the user belongs to and how to organize the products on the site though the information about how far the users scroll down the pages.


  • SimilarWeb


Perfect for deciphering where your numbers are moving, this software is potent tool to get real-time insight into websites, mobiles and app-based business. From competitor analytics to audience behavior review, SimilarWeb provides traffic analytics and engagement statistics across multiple browsers with just a click!


  • Lattice Engines


One of the most trusted lead generation tool, Lattice Engines provides account-based marketing statistics with predictive analytics. It helps grow exiting bed of customers and push real-time campaigns to get a clear picture of every customer in your radar.

For modern marketing analytics, Lattice has a proven track-record in creating and scaling leads into prolific results.

For Content Marketing

  • Canva


The free graphic design tool helps in creating appealing infographics, presentations and visuals with their library of images and page design templates. It comes with an easy to use interface making the social media post and content management process simpler.


  • Piktochart


Most content developers fail to reproduce their actual ideas when they are made to depend on graphic design specialists for their infographics to look attractive. The tool with predefined templates helps even a layperson to design appealing presentation and infographics in minutes.

For Social Media Marketing


  • Discover.ly


Puzzled about how to reach out to the potential customers? Discover.ly helps to connect to potential buyers, or contacts that are in common or could bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer. It also updates about the latest information and tweets of the influencer, thus making it easier to connect with them.




IFTTT (If this, then that) helps to respond in real time to user actions on social media. It simplifies the work of marketers by sending automated messages or replies every time the user performs a specific action or posts a specific message on social media.

For Search Engine Optimization

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  • DeepCrawl


The complexity of bringing attention of the users to a new site or when the data is migrated to a new site is massive. DeepCrawl lets you check your redirects, ensure your tags are applied correctly, reviews pages and more on a safe environment before it is made available to live environment.


  • Moz


Absolutely free, MOZ is an excellent destination to build your SEO strategy into a ruthless webpage performance driver. Dig your way into the revenue funnel across diverse social media platforms with superlative keyword research and link building actions.


  • SEMrush


A quick health checker, SEMrush is a great tool to check how your organic traffic is growing with link-building campaigns. Find the best primary keywords relevant to your business and see how they are performing elsewhere across different search engines.

Other excellent SEO tools to push your webpage ranking are:

Increase your website traffic massively with a dominating presence on all search engine rankings.

Emil Marketing tools

Email marketing tools are playing on a highly competitive field. With an ROI of $ 38 for every dollar spent, choosing an automated campaign to send your mails and planners will boost business credentials.

More than 80 percent of the B2B and B2C companies rely on email marketing tools to convert leads into prospective buyers. Check out the top email marketing software for quick results.

To Sum Up

There are paid as well as free enterprise versions that simplify the tedious process of keeping a track of every online/ offline activity manually. Now create competitive advertising, public relations and promotions with the minimum experience or budget you have, with flawless CRM+ERP integration like never before.

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