Ephemeral Marketing and Evolving Brands


Ephemeral content, as the name suggests, is the content available for a limited period; post which the content (i.e. videos, photos, messages) is deleted for good and is not preserved at any server or device. The idea is to share but don’t necessarily want to retain a memory or message for long. The brands and marketers have embraced every new platform and made the best use of it so far and everyone is now looking forward to the ephemeral marketing.

Here are four attributes of the ephemeral marketing showcasing how it has evolved the brands:


The best feature of ephemeral content is its exclusivity, making audience to come back on a much faster pace as compared to that of facebook or instagram. The availability of the content till only next 24 hours seems intriguing and pretty captivating, hence, boosting the sense of urgency in the audience. The NBA 71st season, for example, gave the most exclusive footage of all the games and palyers’ interviews. They not only broadcast the latest  and live updates, but also promise viewing of exclusive content, such as – behind-the-scenes, chat with the players, etc. Similar case was that of the Oscars where personal stories and anticipations about who will win the Oscar for the best movie was shared.

The Glocal Experience

Live streaming (in Instagram) and live stories (in Snapchat) from St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin or a Grubfest in New Delhi allows the locals to connect with the global audience. This acts as compelling content as such activities help in crossing the demographic boundaries, creating connectedness.

A Radical Approach

Not only events but various publications such as Buzzfeed and NatGeo Magazine also post their exclusive stories on Snapchat and Instagram for their audience. This helps them leverage their top stories and make their audience aware of the updated content in time. We can see that brands are ready to explore every platform to stay connected to their audience and are not letting any apprehensions constraint their communication to any particular platform.

Increasing number of ephemeral platform

We can see a gradual acceptance and increase in the ephemeral content. To send across a ripple effect of a campaign, brands are using cross media and enhance the experience of their audience. WWF (Danish team) initiated an eye-catching campaign that roared across media and grabbed the attention of many. The campaign was called – “Don’t let it my #lastselfie”.

With an overload of content and information, ephemeral content are winning over the brands as well as the audience. Whether the ephemeral content is here to stay or is there a new technology coming soon that will replace the ephemeral content, we don’t really know. Until then, we can make the best out of the already available technology and challenge ourselves to create a new way to communicate with our audience and gather more and more eyes and minds. After all, it is all about adapting to the new and creating new ways to connect our world.

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