10 Habits to Become a Pro in Digital Marketing

Consumers today are smart, using the latest technology and doing research on the move
before making purchase decisions. Digital platforms are evolving at a rapid pace and have
been playing their part in bringing about this change in consumer behavior. Digital
marketing, thus, has become a domain that requires marketers to stay connected with the
consumers around the clock and adopt new technology as soon as it arrives. Here are a few
habits of the consummate digital marketer that can help in staying focused and deliver
solutions that stay apace with the changing digital ecosystem.

Have a broader perspective
Widen your gaze and keep expanding your boundaries. Make a plan, and ask yourself ‘why’
at each step. This will help you to gauge yourself and allow you to dig deep at each step. This
way you can take a step back whenever you find any risks involved in your plan.

Be adaptable
The marketing norms are evolving at a fast pace. In order to be at par with them, you must
be willing to grasp them quickly and help your organization in developing new and
comprehensive communication strategies.

Analyze and assess
Examine the results of your previous campaigns and interactions with your end-consumers.
By analyzing the data, you can understand the end-consumer’s response, place a new
strategy on your assessments, and finally develop marketing personas that strengthen your

Select rationally
Select the digital marketing tools that can amplify your strategies and deliver efficient
results. Opt for tools that are smart and easy-to- use, helping you in saving time and effort.

Learn the benefits of Networking
In a vastly growing domain such as digital marketing, it is important to network and learn
about experiences of people coming from different fields. Have a mentor who can guide you
through any obstacles. Discuss with them and seek feedback to understand where you are

Be Data-savvy
Data is the foundation of your digital campaign. Synchronize the data as per your
requirements and utilize it to understand your markets, core competencies, consumer
behavior, and other major attributes beneficial for the success of your campaign.

Communicate effectively
Choose the mix of channels that reaches to your consumers most effectively. Always strive
to improve the customer experience with transparent, consumer friendly solutions. Keep
analyzing which mix suits best for your audience and how to modify these channels to attain
more profits.

Prioritize content
Content plays an essential role in digital marketing. Create content that seamlessly engages
your consumer and is genuine; this will also help in creating a persona of the brand in the
minds of your consumer.

Watch your investments
While you invest in the required hardware and software to conquer the digital space, it is
important to keep an eye on your budget. Accelerate your revenue growth by capturing
every detail of the digital campaign you run, including the consumer experience. With all the
pre, during, and post campaign information, you will be able to scale your investments
followed by how you can improve your profits.

Keep exploring
Always be ready to learn something new. Register to few office trainings, related workshops,
read articles by various achievers, read what the other marketers are saying, write about
your experience, learn about upcoming technologies, and any information you would want
to share with your peers. Focus on learning and grasping as much knowledge as possible and
keep renewing your skillsets.

As a new-age digital marketer, you need to make informed decisions and analyze your
growth by mining data that you receive by following your consumers. Such insights will bring
out new perspective for your reference and help you understand the digital platform in a
better manner.

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Yashdeep Bali is a speaker, motivator, an outspoken digital marketing expert with over 14 years of Advertising, PR and Marketing roles across various industries. Recognized as a “branding and digital expert” in the corporate world, he has an astounding knowledge and passion for technology, automobiles, gadgets and gaming.

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